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Online PDF Password Recovery

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How Do We Recover PDF Password?

We often face this problem that the passwords which we set for our files, we forget them sometimes. We suffer from tension when we need it urgently and are unable to open the file. So, here is the one and the only question that comes to our mind what’s the way to open the password, when we don’t know much about cracking passwords!

We all want to protect our files, but remembering all the passwords is difficult. It’s not easy to break the passwords of files. So, we will discuss the methods of recovering passwords. 

Chances Of Recovery

Primarily, people were unwilling to remember a complex password, so they opt to use an easy pattern. However, if you happen to lose this password, we are here to offer you a free trial to check for weak passwords. Our database will search through the commonly used passwords and restore your password in no time. It gives instant results, but the likelihood of success is only 22%.

You can also choose a guaranteed way to get your lost password. Though, it will be a paid password search by a 20+ billion password database. You can expect a 61% success rate in this case, but the search time totally depends on the version of your PDF file. The computing cluster might take 10 minutes or 24 hours to encrypt your document.

Here is a quick overview of the password recovery possibilities.

Type of RecoveryTime RequirementCostSuccess Possibility
Weak Password RecoveryWithin few minutesFree22%
Strong Password RecoveryUp to 24 hours$2961%
Brute-Force with a maskIt depends on the complexity of your maskOn request100% (if you will provide an accurate mask)

Process To Remove Password

PDF password is a fundamental component that Adobe acrobat has given to the PDF creator to secure the PDF. Practically all PDF documents can be protected with two kinds of passwords: one is made for the owner, and the other is for the user. Various limitations can also be applied to the PDF like one can view the restricted PDF, or printing and editing can also be done. Before removing the PDF password, it is prescribed to discover first which kind of password you have used to encrypt the restricted PDF document. Only then it’s possible to open the password.
There are just two sorts of passwords that you can use to save the data inside your PDF, and these passwords can be applied to any PDF for securing your important data. The security of your data depends on your password’s strength and the strength of the encryption method you used. Let’s get to know the process in both cases.

Remove PDF Owner Password:

The owner password is mainly used by the creator of the document for copyright protection. You can see the PDF file but can not edit, copy, or print its content. All you can do is remove the protection.
So, just go to the free PDF password remover tool. You can remove the PDF Password with one click. The critical fact is that we can’t restore the original owner password; Instead, the owner’s password can be removed for free. This tool can help you to remove the passwords within seconds. It’s effortless to use, which can facilitate you by just a few steps, and it has a breakneck speed of removing passwords. 

Recover PDF User Password:

The User Password can be quickly deleted if you know the password. If the password is lost, then the only way to remove it is to recover it. If you came to our site, then the manual method of recovering passwords did not work.

To restore your forgotten password of a PDF document, we will use our nuclear power, which may take some time, and you need to pay for it. All complex calculations take place in the cloud, so you don’t even need to install any programs on your computer for password recovery.

  • Our PDF password recovery tool allows you to recover a forgotten user password to a PDF file by doing the following simple tips:
  • Just upload your file to our website 
  • Wait until the password recovery work is over.

After unlocking the restricted PDF document, you will be able to edit, copy or print the content of this file.  

Pay After The Successful Attempt

When we successfully complete your requested work, you will receive the original password of the encrypted document. Later on, you can pay according to a specific method’s fixed price, whether through brute force or databases.

Why Choose iFindPass for Online PDF Password Recovery?

  • It is a program-based website, so no third party is required.
  • To make the opening interaction effective, it’s available in multiple languages.
  • It offers the most straightforward user interface.
  • It is a quick process that provides immediate results.
  • No expense is charged to open a weak PDF password.
  • Free from any danger to use the data because when the PDF gets recovered and downloaded, the PDF document naturally gets erased within 60 minutes.
  • During the password recovery process, quality is never compromised, and all the data stay safe.
  • No advance payment; you can pay after successful recovery of your password.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What Is The PDF User Password?

PDF document open password is another name for PDF user password, which is added when a PDF document is created. After adding the user password, nobody can open or view the file if he doesn’t know the restricted PDF document password. In this way, you can only open the PDF if you know the user password.

For the most part, the user password is applied when the data is intimate or distinctly for one individual.

2- What Is The PDF Owner Password?

The PDF owner password is also known as the PDF master password. After adding the owner password to the PDF document, you can open and view the file but will not be able to modify the data like altering, printing, duplicating, remarking, or information extraction.

In straightforward terms, just a PDF owner can make any changes in the PDF document, though, and others only have the privilege to view and read the restricted PDF document without having the opportunity of making alterations. It is the most secure method of encrypting a PDF to avoid any data misuse.

The majority of the online available tools and sites can instantly recover the owner’s password, yet it is challenging to break the user password.

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Online PDF Password Recovery

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Online PDF Password Recovery

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Online PDF Password Recovery

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Online PDF Password Recovery

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