Online PowerPoint Password Recovery

We can recover passwords for any version of encrypted MS Office PowerPoint files (ppt  & pptx).
Please upload your file here and follow the instructions.

Please upload your file here and follow the instructions.

Online PowerPoint Password Recovery
Maximum upload file size: 100MB

Chances Of Recovery

We can recover the passwords from all versions of MS PowerPoint through a popular database. The interesting fact is that it can be done quickly, and the probability of password recovery is 22%. If the attempt is unsuccessful, we can start searching for a lost password on 20+ billion databases.

Note that you have to pay for this service, and the recovery chances, in this case, are about 61%. You know the MS office 2003 PowerPoint documents and their previous models give fast results of password recovery. However, a later version might take a long time.

Process To Unlock Password

There are two types of passwords for PowerPoint file protection. The first will be a password to open a document, while the other password will be removed to change. Then let's discuss each case in detail.

If You Don't Know The Password:

You know that all PowerPoint files are password protected and encrypted with a robust algorithm. So, if you don't remember the password, it will be impossible to remove the password protection or hack the file.

You can only guess the password through constant search among the possible options until you find the right one. Indeed, it's a lengthy and resource-intensive process, but it will be worth it because only then can you decrypt your desired document. To speed up the recovery, we can also use brute force or combined attacks.

If You Know The Password:

For opening your PowerPoint document, you have to remove the password first. It can be as simple as using the MS office, so follow the steps below:

Enter the correct password and then open your document.

Tap on the file and choose the option "info" at the left corner.

Select "protect presentation and then "encrypt with password."

Then remove the previous password and save the file.

Pay After The Successful Attempt

You don't have to pay for weak password recovery or for making changes in the document. Just upload your file, and then you can download the unlocked PowerPoint file in a couple of seconds. Remember that you have to pay only if the password is restored successfully with Strong Password Recovery.

Although strong passwords require massive databases, that ultimately means you have to pay beforehand for this service. Other than that, we can also brute force passwords with a mask that will guarantee 100% accurate results, but its price depends on the type of request.

The Best PowerPoint Password Recovery Tools

Locked PowerPoint presentations can test your patience big time, especially when you need them urgently. When you want to check someone else's presentation or wish to unlock the PPT that you locked and forgot, you need a quick way out. That's when a PowerPoint password recovery tool enters the picture. You can unlock a PowerPoint presentation, remove its restrictions, and do much more with a reliable password recovery tool. 

But the question is, which password recovery tools are worth exploring? Since one quick search will lead you to hundreds of results, we have eased this step by listing the six best PowerPoint password tools for you. So read on to find top PowerPoint password tools, and pick one that suits your requirements the best! 

Passper for PowerPoint 

If you want to recover a PowerPoint password without losing important data or file contents, Passper is a good option. This recovery tool is admired because of its success rate and ease of use. If you have locked yourself out of your PowerPoint content and want a way back, try Passper before anything else. 

You can recover PowerPoint passwords regardless of their complexity through Passper and save them for later. Whether your target password is simple or complex, Passper's robust attack modes can help recover it. This tool also removes restrictions from PowerPoint presentations so that you can see others' content without fail. Four attack modes and a high success rate make Passper a good choice. It helps you share, edit, and print restricted PowerPoint presentations without impacting their contents. 

Stella PPT Password Recovery

Stella is another reliable and effective PowerPoint password recovery tool to your rescue. This integrated and smart tool is compatible with all PowerPoint versions, ensuring you never feel restricted while using it. You can pick any of this tool's three attack modes to unlock restricted PowerPoint content and save it for later. Apart from recovering PowerPoint passwords, this Stella tool also removes restrictions from other files.

When you're researching a topic and most pieces of content you come across are locked, this tool can help. You'll need some time to understand its user interface, but once you're through this phase, you'll like its reliability and speed. Stella PowerPoint password recovery tool doesn't make you wait for hours or read complicated algorithm files while unlocking your desired content. You can surpass PowerPoint restrictions with a few clicks and use its content across platforms.

Passcape PowerPoint Password Recovery

Another strong contender on our list is the Passcape PowerPoint password recovery tool. This intelligent and user-friendly tool ensures you don't struggle with restricted content and have uninterrupted access to PowerPoint content. From professional PPTs to your projects, the Passcape tool can help with every PowerPoint format. 

This tool is effective for passwords of different complexity levels; something users admire about it. If you're unsure about the lock you've implemented on your PowerPoint content, Passcape is a good option. Its powerful attack modes and easy-to-understand interface make this trespassing phase easier and quicker for you.

PowerPoint Password by Thegrideon

Thegrideon is a speedy and widely-trusted PowerPoint password recovery software. Since this tool is compatible with all PowerPoint versions, you can trust it with your task. Thegrideon doesn't take much time or a learning curve when you first start using it. You can choose from the three readily available password recovery modes and surpass every hurdle in your way.

From removing restrictions to unlocking PowerPoint files, this tool can do it all. One important feature of Thegrideon is the dictionary it saves for you. Once you unlock a file, this tool will put the password in a list and save it for later. The next time you forget your PowerPoint password, you can refer to this list and ease this process. This software's integrated recovery modes are ideal for complicated passwords and restricted files.

Accent Office Password Recovery

If you're looking for an all-in-one password recovery tool, Accent Office recovery software can be it. This tool is helpful for all MS Office platforms, ensuring you never struggle with locked and restricted content. From Word documents to PowerPoint presentations, you can unlock everything with Accent by your side. 

This practical, fast, and trustable tool doesn't risk your data or file contents during the recovery mode, something you'll surely admire. Thanks to its integrated features, you can trust this tool with user-sensitive and high-security data. The Accent password recovery tool lets you remove restrictions and quickly unlock password-protected files. However, remember that you will need some time to get the hang of this software because of its complicated interface.

LastBit PowerPoint Password Recovery

LastBit is another trustworthy password recovery tool to ease this task for you. When you forget the password to a crucial PowerPoint presentation, using random recovery tools and attacks can be risky. That's when LastBit enters the picture. This credible password recovery tool can help with restricted and locked PPTs, no matter how complicated their passwords are. If you're having difficulty accessing your crucial PowerPoint data, LastBit can be worth a shot.

This tool features four attack modes to surpass password restrictions without risking your data and device security. Since using risky software can compromise your privacy and crucial information, LastBit is a good alternative for that. This tool's user-friendly interface makes it a good choice for everyone; you don't have to be a tech geek to use this one.

Summing It Up

Locking PowerPoint presentations keeps your personal and professional data safe from security breaches. If you don't want others to peep into your PPT, lock it and put it in a secure folder till next time. However, the real trouble begins if you forget passwords to your locked PowerPoint presentations. This can increase your workload and risk your reputation in the office if those were work-related presentations.

But fret not because there are some effective PowerPoint password recovery tools on the market. These tools unlock PowerPoint presentations and surpass their restrictions to give you uninterrupted access. All the above-listed tools are safe and worth trying; pick the one you deem suitable and see if it's worth the hassle.

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