Definition Of Strong Password

Are you tired of living under the fear of your account or data getting hacked? Do not worry; we got you covered. Your data is under constant threat if you are not setting a strong password. But what is a strong password?

Let us explain for you the true definition of a strong password. Stay tuned to find out the definition and characteristics of a strong password to ensure that you are setting one. 

What Is A Strong Password?

A password that is difficult to crack by any hacker, be it a computer or a human, is a strong password. And for the password to be strong, it must meet some defined characteristics.

Characteristics To Define A Strong Password 

Now, the question here is what makes a password strong. A strong password can be defined with the following characteristics:

Low Guessability

Your date of birth, the name of your friend, your country are a few examples of what you might be thinking to set as your password. However, you need to stop and think, isn't that too obvious and easy to guess? Obviously, it is. Since it can be easily predicted, it is not a strong password.

Minimum Length Of The Password 

A strong password should have at least eight characteristics. If it is under eight, it becomes more accessible for the hacker to come up with your password. We are sure you do not want that. So, it is best to add eight characteristics and make your password a strong one.

No Patterns 

Abcdef or 12345 are some commonly used number patterns that people tend to keep as their passwords. But is that a strong password? Patterns are easily predictable and more likely to put your data or account at risk. Patterns weaken the strength of your password, so a pattern should be avoided to keep your data safe.

Mixing Upper and Lower Case

If, for instance, you plan on keeping your password "hyutjk," stop. Stop, and add at least one upper case and one lower case to make your password a strong password. Adding complexity was never this easy!

Mixing Letters And Numeric

"Hyutjk" or "837383" alone are not strong enough. To come up with a effective password, you need to mix both letters and numeric digits. So "hyujt837" is more robust than solely letters or digits.

Presence Of Unique Characters 

The addition of a unique characteristic adds strength to your password, and the lack of such characteristics contributes to making it weak. Therefore, do not forget to add any unique characteristic like "-, #,@, *" in your password to make it a strong one.

No Widely Used Dictionary Words

Friends, love, fountain are some proper and familiar words of the dictionary. You are not the only one who might want to resort to such words. But, the key is to avoid such words if you want your password to be a strong one.


Now that you know what a strong password is, you need to confirm that your passwords meet the definition of a strong password. An effective password will make it difficult for hackers to crack your password and all your information will be safe.