Refund Policy

Our website has an automatic system to check all the orders of customers. In this way, we can avoid errors, but in rare scenarios, if the recovered password is incorrect, we can compensate you. It all depends on your choice! Either we will solve the problem or refund your money in three working days.

Custom Order

You can make custom orders through the custom request page. If the page doesn't respond, then you can contact our technical team. The custom orders are:

1. Password recovery of the file that is not mentioned in the format list.

2. We also offer a custom order of brute-forcing with a mask.

3. Any work which is needed to be performed through individual agreement.

We ensure to provide all the above orders with a fair refund policy. However, there is no return policy for unaccepted orders.

Terms & Condition

The moment you accept our services, you agree on the terms that you are not violating any law on copyright or privacy issues that exist in your region. Furthermore, you will give a statement that you are using the recovery services as a copyright holder.

At the same time, our website held no responsibility if you made a mistake in giving information about the password structure. Besides, will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, direct, indirect, or special damages in any circumstances.