Online Excel Password Recovery

iFindPass can recover passwords for any version of encrypted MS Office Excel files (xls & xlsx). For most encrypted documents, we can recover the password in a few minutes.

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Online Excel Password Recovery

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Chances Of Recovery

To recover a weak password, we have collected a database of the most popular passwords. People repeatedly choose the same pattern of common passwords that makes the search easy. Unfortunately, such passwords also make the files vulnerable to hacking attacks.

However, the success rate of recovering the weak password is only 22%, but we must say it’s worth trying. If the attack was unsuccessful, then you can go for another password database. It cost money, but the chances of recovery are pretty high.

Process To Unprotect An Excel File

Do you want to make changes to the excel sheet but don’t know the password? Well, we are here for you. We will remove the password in a matter of seconds because recovering the password is not an option here.

In most cases, clients also want the same thing. Thus, to remove the owner’s protection, you can go to the MS excel page and upload your file. Then instantly, you will be given an option to download the unlocked excel file. This process is not only fast but also free of cost.

How To Retrieve If You Forgot The Password Of Excel Sheet?

If people have chosen a complicated password for protection, they might have difficulty retrieving it. Once you enter the password, several keys will be calculated, and the entire document will be encrypted with an algorithm. Therefore, it will be a rather complicated process unless you know the original password.

The good news is that we have a database of billions of possible variants that will recover the password of your excel file. So you have to just go on the MS excel recovery page and tap on the buttons according to instructions. If you are lucky, then you will get the lost password in 3 minutes. Otherwise, it will take some time to restore the original password.

Pay After The Successful Attempt

Keep in mind that we accept your request without any pre-payment, and you will only get the invoice when the job is completed. Of course, the criteria of payment depend on the type of password you want to recover. Before payment, we can also email you a fragment of the opened document as proof. So that you will be satisfied with our service.

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Online Excel Password Recovery

I used a free trial by looking at its success rate, and luckily, I succeeded. I got my password easily without cost.

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Online Excel Password Recovery

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Online Excel Password Recovery

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Online Excel Password Recovery

I will recommend this site to recover your excel file because of the efficiency of its paid version. The database technology is very strong with many different variants, helpful in recovering the password real quick.

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