Chances of Recovery

We use two methods to recover your passwords; Brute force with a dictionary and the other is brute force with a mask. Then, for each approach, we compute the possibility of recovering your password for you.


Possibility for a Weak Password

The most popular of all is the weak passwords used by people to secure their personal data and documents. Three million of the most used passwords are either '123456', 'abcdef', 'qwerty' and others like these. Such passwords are used most often because users are likely to forget the complex ones to don't face a hard time trying to crack them.

Hence, we recover a weak password as a gift for free with our computing cluster to crack it within minutes. There is about a 22% chance that your weak password is on our list, but you must give it a try!

Possibility for a Strong Password

If you could not recover your weak password, the other alternative for you is finding it through the central password database. Even though this process costs you money, it is always worth it because the chances are relatively higher that you get your password back.

The database has over 20 billion real passwords, and searching for it can take as long as up to 24 hours through the database dictionary. There is a 81% possibility of success, so why not go for it?



Brute Force with a Mask

With a Brute Force with a mask, if you supply the correct mask, which is the most important criterion, we guarantee 100% success. Even a minor blunder, such as omitting a numeral or a sign, can result in a failure.

For you to recover your password using this method, you need to know the password structure. For instance, the length and the symbols used in it. It could take from one to two weeks for recovering such a password.


Summarizing all the above, we compiled a table of chances for successful password recovery:

Type of AttackDurationPriceChances for Success
Weak password recoveryA few minutesFree≈ 22%
Strong password recoveryUp to 24 hoursFrom $29≈ 81%
Brute force with a maskDepends on the mask complexityOn Request100% (if the mask is correct)