To perform the password recovery service for you quickly and effectively, we have a unique hardware and software structure. Every server works 24/7 to recover your password for you as soon as possible.

In addition, we make use of GPU, the high-performance graphic cards that will crack passwords very quickly for you.


Unlike CPUs, we use computing clusters with high-performance GPU, i.e., graphics processing unit servers. Why exactly do we choose GPUs? It is because they perform the task effectively and also perform several complex calculations.

GPU's core is much simpler than that of CPU in terms of its composition, which enables graphics to be put on micro-chips together with performing calculations. In modern graphics card, the analysis is done a hundred times faster than CPUs.

A GPU server is a high-performance computer with multiple high-end graphics video cards. One of the servers like this can recover passwords through a million variants in some seconds.

Our system is constantly being improved, with new hardware being added and increased servers. Despite the usual problems of encrypting methods in the real world, this speeds up our work.

We use 32 high-performance RTX3080 graphics cards for password cracking, and our machine has a password calculation capacity of up to 20 million per second. So, In less than 60 seconds, we can check 1 billion passwords, which is why our password recovery ability is much higher than that of home computers.



The software is built to ensure that the entire system runs without interruption under maximum hardware load. Each server has been loaded to a 100% capacity.

Through a GPU processor, the quickest password recovery is made possible. Also, the password cracking software is optimized for the OpenCL framework, ensuring the easy cracking of passwords.


To address your security issues effectively, we use Linux server operating systems. Due to this, all data exchanges between website visitors and visitors are secure. In addition, the files you upload are stored in our special secure storage that protects your data efficiently.


In order to better protect the privacy of users, our server will only temporarily store your uploaded files, and all uploaded files will be deleted within 48 hours automatically, regardless of whether the file password is cracked or not.