What is Weak Password?

A weak password is any short, common, or easily guessed password. There is one act that you do yourself to allow hackers access to your account. Yes, you read that right. Setting a weak password is one act through which you invite hackers to hack your account and information easily. But now, you are just one step away from avoiding hackers with one simple hack; avoiding weak passwords.

Setting a weak password is your invitation to the hackers to hack your account. Now, if you are wondering what a weak password is, let us answer that for you. Stay tuned to find out the characteristics of a weak password to ensure that you're not setting one.

Characteristics of a Weak Password

  • High Guessability 

Your name, your mother's name, your city are just some examples of a go-to password. Such passwords come with high risk: the risk of being guessed easily. So next time you are setting your password, make sure to avoid stating obvious details about yourself.

  • Length of The Password 

Anything under than 8 characteristics makes it easier to uncover the passwords. Thus, in order to make it more complex, do not forget to add at least 8 characters to your password. 

  • Patterns 

"111111" OR "abcdef" are some examples of patterns that are usually most resorted to when it comes to setting your password. However, this is just extremely easy to predict. So, the next time you are setting your password to be "12345678", remember your password is a weak one. 

  • Lack of Unique Characters 

Adding a unique characteristic strengthens your password, and the absence of it weakens it. Thus, it is mandatory to add a unique characteristic like "@, -, *" in your password.

  • Repetition Of Previously Used Passwords

Setting up a password that you have previously used weakens your password. Coming up with a new password is definitely worth it when it can save your data from being a hack. Isn't it?

  • Same Password For All Websites 

If you have the same passwords for your different accounts, then you need to change them right now. A single password for all accounts puts all your accounts at high risk because if one is gone, all are gone. 

  • Widely Used Passwords 

Common passwords can include number patterns, common dictionary words like love, friends, etc., and such words have to be avoided at all costs. And oh, it does not even cost much.

How to Generate a Strong Password

Now, what is the remedy for a weak password? Simple, just increase the strength of your password by avoiding all of the mistakes mentioned above. You can use an online password generator to generate a strong password now. Do not forget to write it down somewhere so that you don't face trouble recalling it.