Best 5 Rar Password Unlockers for Windows

Are you looking for a RAR password unlocker? You may have forgotten your RAR password and thought as if you've lost your important data. Unfortunately, no recovery procedure within the RAR application can help you recover your password.

However, you can recover your RAR password and access your important files using a third-party tool.

This article will explore the five best RAR password unlockers for you.

Part 1: What Is a RAR Password Unlocker?

RAR password unlocker is nothing but RAR password recovery software that helps you recover RAR passwords.

 In addition, it also allows you to extract encrypted RAR files, and you can access all your lost data afterward.

The software is compatible with many Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. A WinRAR Password remover tool serves your purpose by using Brute force, dictionary mode, or other methodS.

Part 2: Can You Bypass the RAR Password with a RAR Password Cracker? 

You'll not find any feature in WinRar software that can help you bypass your WinRAR password if you've forgotten it.

However, you can use the WinRAR password unlocker to recover your forgotten password. The unlocker tends to use brute force or other tricks to assist you in accessing your essential data.

Part 3: Best 5 RAR Password Unlocker We Picked


KRYLACK RAR tool's interface may have seemed outdated, but you'll not find any complaints about its services.

It is pretty advanced software that can recover pretty strong passwords. Although it doesn't offer you many options to get your job done, you'll find all its methods pretty helpful and reliable.

Luckily, the KRYLACK RAR password unlocker comes with three methods, including Dictionary, Mask, and Brute force, to quickly make password recovery.


  • Lightning-fast recovery speed
  • Compatible with almost every device
  • Autosave Sessions.
  • Fully Customizable user interface

ScrewSoft RAR Password Unlocker 

If you've forgotten your RAR password and looking for software, selecting Screw RAR Password Unlocker won't be a bad idea.

It comes with a pretty reliable interface to help you recover even the most robust passwords.

The process of recovering your RAR password is pretty easy as this software uses three methods, including Dictionary Attack, Brute Force Attack, and Brute Force Attack with Mask, to put things in order.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all kinds of systems
  • Works pretty fast
  • 3 Attack types

Appnimi Rar Password Unlocker

Recovery RAR password has been an easy task since introducing various RAR password unlocker free or paid tools. However, many tools only won't help you to recover strong passwords. But, Appnimi RAR Password is a rare exception.

Its excellent user interface allows you to access your essential RAR files after retrieving the password.

Luckily, it comes with the pretty easy procedure to get your job done as you'll only need to import a file before recovering your password in Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker.


  • Mind-blowing user interface
  • Free to use
  • Uses Brute force

PassFab for RAR 

Sometimes, the RAR password you set turns out to be pretty intense, and recovering a solid password isn't easy. However, PassFab for RAR makes the difficult things look pretty easy; it allows you to retrieve your data after recovering a pretty strong RAR password.

It comes with three attack methods, with Dictionary Attack regarded as the most effective option for you. Using this attack, you can recover your RAR password quicker than you think.


  • Miraculous Recovery Speed
  • Easy user interface
  • Three methods of attack include Brute Force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute Force Attack

Passper for RAR 

Passper for RAR is another spectacular RAR password unlocker with a pretty manageable user interface. It uses three high-class technologies, including advanced algorithms, Nvidia G80+ GPU, and multicore CPU, to speed up the RAR password recovery process.

Most of the time, it uses the Dictionary method to recover your password. However, when things get a bit intense, you can try using a Brutal attack to recover your password.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive tech specs
  • Return to projects after using Autosave
  • A lot of variety in Attack methods

Part 4:  Is There an Online RAR Password Unlocker?

If you're looking for a RAR password unlocker online, you indeed look at iFindPass Rar Password Recovery.

It is a fantastic online tool that allows you to recover weak passwords for free. However, you need to pay about 39 dollars if you've forgotten the strong password and want to recover it.

Moreover, it comes with a 100% password recovery rate when using a Brute force attack with Mask.

Part 5: How to Unlock the RAR Password on Mac? 

Using cRARK, you can unlock your RAR password on Mac. However, it may ask you to remember the basic information of your password to make the recovery process fast. Anyway, you can follow the guide below to remove the RAR password.

Step 1:

After installing cRARK on your Mac, you'll need to launch it without a second invitation.

Step 2: 

You need to create a password. def file after launching cRARK through the menu.

Step 3: 

You can now copy either the crackme. def or the English.def file to create the file.

Step 4: 

Now, you'll need to modify yours. def file for reflecting the option you'd be required to use.

Step 5: 

Navigate to double hash and choose the desired testing method from there.

Step 6:

Now, you need to enter the command line depending on the password combination you've used.

For number:



For lower case



For uppercase 


[$A] *

However, if you don't know about your password combination, you need to enter the following command. 


[$a $A $1]*


Forgetting your RAR password is indeed a massive inconvenience as you lose crucial legal information.

However, you can get help from the WinRAR password unlocker tools we've mentioned in this article. All the methods we've discussed above are cost-effective and reliable. 

Some of the tools you'll find here are free to use for some time, and you can acquire the premium version after using a free trial version.