Best 5 ZIP Password Crackers

Many people opt to archive their files in ZIP format to save the storage on computers. Moreover, using a ZIP password is standard to protect ZIP files from unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, forgetting the ZIP folder password is also common, and almost every second person tends to forget his ZIP password.

Luckily, you can crack your ZIP file password by using a ZIP password cracker.

In this article, you'll learn about the best 5 ZIP password unlocker tools.

Part 1: How does the ZIP password cracker work?

If you're trying to crack a WinZIP password, you'll need to look for a ZIP password cracker. The tool will recover your ZIP file password by selecting a specific attack method.

Here's the list of attacks that a password recovery tool uses.

Dictionary mode

It is a kind of attack that has been involved in applying 5000+ date formats to a specific date range. It can recover your password if you've got any little clue about your password.

Brute-force with Mask

Using Brute force with Mask, you can test pronounceable passwords.


Brute force tends to test all possible passwords and recover even the most robust ZIP file password. However, this method takes some time before getting your job done.

Part 2: Best 5 ZIP password crackers (Windows)

PassFab for ZIP

If you're searching for a reliable ZIP password recovery tool, PassFab for ZIP is the most recommended option for you. PassFab for ZIP has all the basics covered, and it comes with a pretty straightforward user interface to make your task more accessible than you think.

Depending upon your password PassFab for ZIP uses three prolific ZIP passwords recovery modes.


  • It comes with CPU and GPU acceleration technology, making this tool the highest password recovery rate holder.
  • PassFab for ZIP allows you to recover your ZIP file password of 16 characters.
  • It is pretty lightweight and doesn't ask to clear the space from your PC before downloading it.

iSunshare ZIP Password Genius

Another reliable ZIP password cracker that blesses you with traffic efficiency and features to recover your ZIP files is iSunshare ZIP Password Genius. You can recover your ZIP file's password created with PKZIP and WinZIP using iSunshare ZIP Password Genius.

Luckily, it doesn't make the job harder for you. Instead, iSunshare ZIP Password Genius offers you a prolific user interface to get your job done.


  • It supports more than one archive format, including WinZIP, 7ZIP, and ZIP.
  • Using this tool, you can stop/resume the password recovery option.
  • It supports all types of Windows OS.

Passper for ZIP

Passper for ZIP possesses the incredible ability to crack your ZIP file password within minutes. It uses four attack modes to put things in order.

Moreover, you'll only have to follow three simple steps to access your ZIP folder after recovering its password.


  • Passper for ZIP comes with four password recovery attacks: Brute Force, Mask, Dictionary, and combination attack modes.
  • It allows you to recover your ZIP pass quickly, courtesy of the CPU and GPU acceleration algorithm.
  • Passper for ZIP also holds the massive ability to decrypt your AES encrypted archives.

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

The best thing about KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery is that it doesn't charge even a penny for its services. Instead, you can crack the WinZIP password for free.

The only thing that might frustrate you is its outdated user interface. However, its actions speak volumes, and you can get your job in a few minutes.


  • It allows you to unlock your AES encrypted archives.
  • The interface is simple may seem outdated to you.
  • It can recover your AES encrypted archives
  • KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery allows you to recover ZIP files password using three attack modes: Brute Force, Dictionary, and Mask.
  • It also enables you to explore resume and autosave features.

ZIP Password Recovery

ZIP Password Recovery is another excellent password recovery tool that allows you to serve your purpose using the tool's pretty simple user interface. Although the ZIP Password Recovery tool isn't known for its fast speed, it can help you recover your ZIP folder's password.


  • You can unlock your protected archives created by WinRAR, PKZIP, WinZIP, etc.
  • Like many other ZIP password unlocker tools, ZIP Password Recovery also has three attack modes.
  • It uses AMD and NVIDIA GPU acceleration to speed up the password recovery process.

Part 3: Free ZIP password cracker online

If you don't want to install ZIP password recovery software on your computer due to low storage, you can take the services of an online tool like LostMyPass. It is a pretty reliable ZIP password cracker online that allows you to quickly recover any forgotten ZIP file password.

Using the LostMyPass online tool, you can recover your weak ZIP file password for free. However, the success percentage with the free version is 23.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to recover a strong password for only 29 dollars
  • It uses three attacks to help you recover the ZIP password.

Part 4: ZIP password cracker for Mac

Unfortunately, you'll not find any popular tool offering you to crack the WinZIP password on Mac. However, you can serve your purpose by using the Terminal Utility of Mac.

Follow the guide below to know how to do it.

Step 1:

After launching Applications, you'll need to open the Terminal option.

Step 2:

Now, you'll need to follow the steps in the image to put things in order.

Step 3:

After entering the Mac's Terminal, you'll need to type: UnZIP> P password > path > to > ZIPfile-d>path>to>save>unZIPpedfile.

Later, you'll need to tap Enter and wait for some minutes before you'll see the password on the screen. Now, you'll need to copy the password from there and paste it into a ZIP file.

Final words

You can recover the password of your encrypted ZIP files by reading this article, as we've mentioned the most reliable ZIP password cracker tools.

All the recovery tools we've discussed in the guide are worth your attention, but PassFab for ZIP is the best of the lot. Using this tool, you'll be able to crack your ZIP file password quicker than you think.